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Changes afoot. 13/02/2012

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Some big changes in the Milk and Rain household this weekend. On Saturday my Dad brought Juliet’s bed over and assembled it in her room. It is one he made for me when I moved into my first home but it needed some modification because I had asked for it to be made quite high (I love high beds) so he cut the legs down to make it more toddler-friendly. He also changed the way it was put together and repainted it. Isn’t it beautiful?

New Bed

Testing the new bed.


Once it was all put together we made it up and she tried it out again. The beautiful Winnie the Pooh quilt was made by Juliet’s sister when she was born. This is the first time she’s had a bed to use it on.

New bed with quilt

Under the quilt.


She was SO excited!


The original plan had been to try some daytime sleeps in the new bed and then progress to nighttime. But she was so excited about it that we decided we’d let her choose. That night I was getting changed after our evening swim and bath when she appeared at the bedroom door and said “Bed”. “The bed in your room or our big bed?” She pointed to our bed, “Bed” and ran off. Excellent, I though, she still wants to sleep in the family bed. I finished getting dressed and went down to her room to get a nappy. There she was, sitting up in her bed, looking at me expectantly.

So we lay down together as usual and, after half and hour or so and a bit of getting up and down (it is VERY exciting afterall), she was asleep.


First sleep in her new bed

Sound asleep!


We were most interested to discover that her sleep pattern in her own bed was the same as when we bed share, having often speculated that her night wakings may be the result of us disturbing her. In fact her sleep/wake pattern on Saturday night was the same as usual.

The other interesting observation we made was that I woke up a minute or two before she did, even though she was sleeping at the other end of the house.

We were also pleased to find that she wasn’t distressed about waking up in her own room. She called out for me and then lay in bed quite happily until I got there. This is probably at least partly due to her being used to sleeping on her own during the day and for the first part of the evening, before we go to bed.

I brought her into our bed at that stage and she took awhile to settle, probably because she had woken to the point of calling for me rather than me feeding her the moment she stirred.

Last night she chose to sleep in the family bed (much to my relief) but this morning she asked to sleep in her bed again. At this stage we plan to continue letting her choose on a sleep-by-sleep basis.


The other big change happened on Sunday when I went back to work for my first shift in more than two years. Despite some mixed feelings about no longer being an exclusively stay-at-home Mum I enjoyed it very much. And Chris and Juliet had a fantastic day together. Our concerns about the lack of Mummy milk on tap and how she would sleep were unfounded and she appears to have taken the new routine in her stride.


So big changes but, on the whole, very positive ones. Bring on the next adventure!


Searching For Inspiration 07/02/2012

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I am low on inspiration at the moment. I have just sat in front of my computer for 20 minutes trawling other people’s blogs and trying to think of something to write about.

It’s funny isn’t it? Before I launched Milk and Rain it seemed as though I had a dozen ideas a day for interesting posts. As soon as it’s up, Poof!, they all evaporate. Even my “Blog topic ideas” folder has failed me. It has plenty of ideas but they’re all scholarly midwifery-type ideas and I need more than a daytime sleep’s worth of time to do them justice.

No more rambling. I shall post before my girl awakes and hope the muse strikes more forcefully tomorrow…



Felt Handbag 22/01/2012

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I made this bag for Juliet a couple of days ago.

For those of you following along you may notice that I have gone “off list” as the bag doesn’t appear on my list of projects for 2012. I considered adding it so I could cross it off (I love crossing things off  lists) but that seemed like cheating.

The pattern was a free download from and the materials were from Spotlight. It only took a couple of hours, plus glue drying time, and that was with toddler interuptions 🙂 I sewed the flower components together and then attached them to the bag with hot glue but they could easily be sewn on too. The only problem I encountered was with the base. The only piece of stiffened felt I could get was slightly smaller than the one recommended in the instructions so I couldn’t get the base to fit on in one piece. I ended up folding the pattern piece in half and cutting out two halves, each with a 1cm “seam” allowance which I used to glue them together. Other than that, I followed the instructions as written.

It hasn’t become the instant success I had hoped it would be (it is all about me after all) but she still seemed quite pleased to have it.


Projects 2012 13/01/2012

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One of the forums I frequent has a yearly project thread. The idea is that you list the projects you want to complete during the year then come back and update when you finish each one. Points are awarded for projects completed and deducted for materials bought without a project in mind. It’s not a competition, PBs only but it’s a way of keeping on track. I am not collecting points as I have no intention of going a whole year without collecting more fabric :-0  but I have made a list, which I thought I would share with you. I have left the last few spots free for projects which may crop up later in the year. I will update the list periodically so you can see how I’m going and I’ll take plenty of photos so you can see the completed works.

This is my list…

1. Felt Christmas ornaments (I bought the felt and beads for these before Christmas and then ran out of time)

2. Finish embellished singlets for J (the cut-outs are stuck on I just have to sew around them)

3. Shorts for J, 3 pairs

4. Birthday present for J (not sure what yet. Maybe a quilt for the rag doll I made for her first birthday. Or a patchwork cushion in the shape of a “J”)

5. Christmas table decorations – table runner ? applique napkins

6. Flannel winter pj’s for J – I found some lovely leftover flannel from a previous project so if there is enough I will make pjs

7. Organise sewing room (sewing shed actually. Currently a store room for boxes we haven’t unpacked.)

8. Organise top shelf of wardrobe (it’s become a bit of a dumping ground)

9. Create garden beds for vegie garden

10. Plant vegetables

11. Replant wall-mounted pots with something hard to kill, probably succulents

12. Wide-leg pants for me

13. Bias-cut dress for me

14. Finish knitted baby blanket

15. Make gift for friend’s baby, due in May

16. Make paper covered J (I have some gorgeous wrapping paper left over from J’s birthday last year and I want to use it to cover one of those big craft letters for her. Mainly because I like the paper so much and I’m trying to think of non-disposable ways to use it. All other ideas warmly welcomed).

17. Pot holders x2. I made my mum 2 aprons and I thought I would do some matching pot holders with the leftover fabric. Mainly to learn how to quilt.

18. Hat for J (also from leftover apron fabric)

19. Christmas present for J (no idea what, will wait and see what her interests are closer to the time)

20. I’m going to leave the last 7 spots open for now (slightly random but 26 gives me one project a fortnight).







As you can see I have crossed out number 11. Yay! One project down. I will do a post on this one soon, with pics. I have also done two of the singlets from number 2 but there are three more to go so can’t cross that one off quite yet.

Does anyone else have projects lined up for 2012? Want to share?


New Trampoline 10/01/2012

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Under a leafy canopy

a child bounces

birds call

we are all happy


Welcome to Milk and Rain 09/01/2012

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Thanks for reading 🙂

Milk and Rain is a brand new blog but, hopefully, there will be more content soon. It’s going to be the story of our life, a bit of parenting, a bit of cooking, some gardening, some craft, reflections on parenting, cooking, gardening and craft. And a few science-y, technical nurse-y, midwifery-y things because I can’t resist (and because I can count them towards my continuing education hours).

I hope you enjoy it.