Milk and Rain

Life and parenting in the tropics.

Welcome to Milk and Rain 09/01/2012

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Thanks for reading 🙂

Milk and Rain is a brand new blog but, hopefully, there will be more content soon. It’s going to be the story of our life, a bit of parenting, a bit of cooking, some gardening, some craft, reflections on parenting, cooking, gardening and craft. And a few science-y, technical nurse-y, midwifery-y things because I can’t resist (and because I can count them towards my continuing education hours).

I hope you enjoy it.


3 Responses to “Welcome to Milk and Rain”

  1. ali.c Says:

    Will be looking forward to checking in!

    If I read this blog, can I count it towards my continuing education hours? Kidding, we do SOOO much education in the community, I can sell hours to others not so fortunate!

  2. milkandrain Says:

    I’m going to count writing some of the posts so I’m sure you could count reading them! HaHa! I’m envious of your extra hours. I’m struggling with mine as it all has to be self-directed while I’m not working.

  3. looking forward to following you, but im a pretty shocking consistent blog reader : )

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