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Felt Handbag 22/01/2012

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I made this bag for Juliet a couple of days ago.

For those of you following along you may notice that I have gone “off list” as the bag doesn’t appear on my list of projects for 2012. I considered adding it so I could cross it off (I love crossing things off  lists) but that seemed like cheating.

The pattern was a free download from and the materials were from Spotlight. It only took a couple of hours, plus glue drying time, and that was with toddler interuptions 🙂 I sewed the flower components together and then attached them to the bag with hot glue but they could easily be sewn on too. The only problem I encountered was with the base. The only piece of stiffened felt I could get was slightly smaller than the one recommended in the instructions so I couldn’t get the base to fit on in one piece. I ended up folding the pattern piece in half and cutting out two halves, each with a 1cm “seam” allowance which I used to glue them together. Other than that, I followed the instructions as written.

It hasn’t become the instant success I had hoped it would be (it is all about me after all) but she still seemed quite pleased to have it.


2 Responses to “Felt Handbag”

  1. Jas Says:

    Oooh I love felt!! Handbag looks great… no doubt Juliet will grow into it! 😉

    You’ve got me thinking about hot glue guns now…. 😀

  2. milkandrain Says:

    Thanks, Jas. I think you’d love a hot glue gun. Mine was a birthday present from my wonderful husband. He got it at Officeworks but I’ve seen them at Spotlight as well. And they aren’t very expensive.

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