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Changes afoot. 13/02/2012

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Some big changes in the Milk and Rain household this weekend. On Saturday my Dad brought Juliet’s bed over and assembled it in her room. It is one he made for me when I moved into my first home but it needed some modification because I had asked for it to be made quite high (I love high beds) so he cut the legs down to make it more toddler-friendly. He also changed the way it was put together and repainted it. Isn’t it beautiful?

New Bed

Testing the new bed.


Once it was all put together we made it up and she tried it out again. The beautiful Winnie the Pooh quilt was made by Juliet’s sister when she was born. This is the first time she’s had a bed to use it on.

New bed with quilt

Under the quilt.


She was SO excited!


The original plan had been to try some daytime sleeps in the new bed and then progress to nighttime. But she was so excited about it that we decided we’d let her choose. That night I was getting changed after our evening swim and bath when she appeared at the bedroom door and said “Bed”. “The bed in your room or our big bed?” She pointed to our bed, “Bed” and ran off. Excellent, I though, she still wants to sleep in the family bed. I finished getting dressed and went down to her room to get a nappy. There she was, sitting up in her bed, looking at me expectantly.

So we lay down together as usual and, after half and hour or so and a bit of getting up and down (it is VERY exciting afterall), she was asleep.


First sleep in her new bed

Sound asleep!


We were most interested to discover that her sleep pattern in her own bed was the same as when we bed share, having often speculated that her night wakings may be the result of us disturbing her. In fact her sleep/wake pattern on Saturday night was the same as usual.

The other interesting observation we made was that I woke up a minute or two before she did, even though she was sleeping at the other end of the house.

We were also pleased to find that she wasn’t distressed about waking up in her own room. She called out for me and then lay in bed quite happily until I got there. This is probably at least partly due to her being used to sleeping on her own during the day and for the first part of the evening, before we go to bed.

I brought her into our bed at that stage and she took awhile to settle, probably because she had woken to the point of calling for me rather than me feeding her the moment she stirred.

Last night she chose to sleep in the family bed (much to my relief) but this morning she asked to sleep in her bed again. At this stage we plan to continue letting her choose on a sleep-by-sleep basis.


The other big change happened on Sunday when I went back to work for my first shift in more than two years. Despite some mixed feelings about no longer being an exclusively stay-at-home Mum I enjoyed it very much. And Chris and Juliet had a fantastic day together. Our concerns about the lack of Mummy milk on tap and how she would sleep were unfounded and she appears to have taken the new routine in her stride.


So big changes but, on the whole, very positive ones. Bring on the next adventure!